Some of the key features of Execute Query.

Query Editor: The Query Editor allows for the execution of any SQL statement(s) that the database and driver may accept from creating tables to basic SELECT statements and table updates. The results of any executed statement is displayed in the results pane including database specific messages and error codes. The editor now supports multiple statement execution including multiple result sets. Enhancements have been made to bring it in line with most common development editors of this type.

DatabaseBrowser: The Database Browser allows you to view a database's schema and tables. Modifications to table structures and constraints can be made as well as providing easy links to creating new tables or table indexes, generating SQL scripts from an existing schema and dropping existing tables.

Generate ERD: Allows for the creation of a database ERD either from scratch or from an existing schema. The diagram may be manipulated and saved in multiple image formats.

Compare Data Types: Compares data types across different database connections providing useful mapping when porting a schema across different database types.

Create Table: Allows for the creation of database tables via a graphical interface.

Create Index: Allows for the creation of an index on a table via a graphical interface.

Generate Scripts: This feature allows you to generate complete CREATE TABLE scripts for the connected schema including all table constraints.

Import/Export Data: Allows for the import and export of data to and from delimited files.

Import/Export XML Data: Allows for the import and export of data from one or multiple tables to and from XML files. The table and column names provide the XML tags.

Database Properties: Database properties queries the database connection for all available information including available data types and what the database can and can not accept.

SQL Keywords: This feature allows you to expand the included SQL92 keyword list and add your own keywords that may be specific to your database.

Connection Manager: The Connection Manager allows you to manage your saved connections and JDBC drivers.

Preferences: Fully customize Execute Query from fonts to background colours, syntax highlights, and connection behaviour.

In addition to the above, complete typical editor support is provided including basic features such as printing SQL queries or table results to the more basic find/replace feature.