Execute Query is available FREE for download in the distributions below.

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Current Releases

executequery-installer-v4.4.3.jar (Java installer - any OS)11,899,050 bytes
executequery-v4.4.3.zip11,171,887 bytes
executequery_4.4.3-5629.deb9,836,584 bytes
executequery-v4.4.3.tar.gz11,150,825 bytes
executequery-src-v4.4.3.tar.gz10,275,410 bytes

Note: This program requires minimum Java Runtime Environment version 1.8.0 - get it here.

Browse the release directory here (or if you're having download problems).

Source code is available from the executequery-src-xxx archive listed above or directly from this project's homepage on Source code may be checked out using svn as follows:

svn co svn:// executequery

Previous release versions of Execute Query can be found in the archive directory here.

The windows executables were created using Launch4J.

Reusable component libraries developed as a part of Execute Query as well as some other small utilities are now available for free download from